Design Department (English)


VissaniCasa Design Department

A different approach
to Furniture Design

VissaniCasa is an important Italian Brand of Furniture which has been involved in furniture market and furniture design from more than 50 years. All our expertise comes from the industrial area where we were born and brought up: the Marche Region, that is one of main industrial furniture district in Italy and in the whole world, too. Many famous furniture brands, like SCAVOLINI, FEBAL, POLTRONA FRAU, BONTEMPI, FENDI CASA, GIESSEGI, COLOMBINI have their company based in this area. Among those historical brands there is also CUCINELUBE, that is our strong and strategic partner from the beginning.

Our Design Department has a different and unconventional approach to the Furniture Design and the Industrial Design. We have a special Know-how and Heritage that comes from the practice and the experience of our retail division: the VissaniCasa design service, that always has been a key factor for our company. Thanks to this, we have been able to follow and satisfy more than 100,000 customers over the years (by offering customized furniture).

In Italy you need to consider several aspects in order to create a good design-furniture collection, like market, style, fashion, trends, materials and technology. Furthermore, and it’s a very important aspect, you need to have in mind the customers needs and we can surely grant our deep knowledge of them, due to our long experience. Our designers have the opportunity to receive daily feedback from our customers: this is our strength.

Another key point to have good design results is to see furniture samples around you while working and designing new collection: in the place where we focus our business, that is our main store, there is the precious chance to always comparing the projects with real furniture model, and it’s so fundamental: from an office with only a desk can be very hard to have good results in designing.

VissaniCasa know-how, with 50 years of experience in the furniture market and production, is now developing a team of creatives, interiors designers, buyers, technicians and managers, able to create beautiful furniture collection, with a unique timeless style.


The best designers of VissaniCasa are now involved in worldwide projects, giving support to our partners. The operation range of the design department is very wide and covers all the market styles and range price. Our specialists can create specific lines of furniture and can manage with decoration furnishings for any room of the house but also for hotels, restaurants, holidays complexes, residential buildings, institution and offices.

VissaniCasa has established from longtime (about 20 years) a worldwide network of production partners with a deep knowledge of the furniture components and materials in production areas in Italy, Europe and Far-East.

Our Design Department is a service to support our partners, with a special look to emerging markets, where we are already running collections projects with success.